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How James managed to get incredibly lean while working 60+ hour weeks

Do you consistently work long hours involving lots of travel and staying away from home?

Does your lack of consistent structure and routine make it difficult for you to lose weight and get the results you want?

It’s true that it can be more difficult to lose weight while working away, but the principles still remain the same.

Often we use our situation and the obstacles we face as an excuse for why we’re not where we want to be.

Maybe you’re a little guilty of that at times?

Why is it, though, that some people are able to achieve results despite having obstacles in their way and others don’t?

How was James able to get in incredible shape and drop 10kg despite working away from home and often doing 60+ hour weeks?

Well, I’m about to tell you…

When James first came to me he had many preconceived ideas of what dieting looked like. “I used to think that a cut would be full of cardio and bland foods but I’ve actually learned that it can be enjoyable.”

This is a very common misconception that people have surrounding fat loss, and it couldn’t be further from the truth. The key to dropping fat is making a few small changes to whatever it is you’re currently doing in order to see results. Over time you continue to make small changes until you get to where you want to be.

That may seem very simple.

And it is.

But actually implementing these changes and staying consistent doing it, is the hard part.

The reason being is that we’re humans, not robots.

We have wants, needs, stresses and many obstacles we have to overcome in order to actually make progress.

James was no different.

When he first came to me he had just started a new job, a job that had him travelling up and down the country, staying in different hotels and often had him frequently working north of 60 hour weeks.

As you can imagine, it’s not so easy making changes to such a hectic lifestyle that lacks a consistent routine.

However just because it’s not easy it doesn’t mean you don't try.

So try, we did.

The main thing that we needed to get under control was his nutrition. Working away meant that there were many ‘off plan’ meals at bars and restaurants, this can often be a major issue as it’s hard to account for calories and often leads people to hit the ‘f**k it’ button.

Maybe that sounds like you?

A far better approach is to make sensible choices around the meals that you have, opting for high protein meals with lots of vegetables to help fill you up is a good start point. We also accounted for James to have a nice cold pint on the side.

You see dieting doesn’t need to be restrictive and you can still have meals out, you just need to have some sort of plan and not go completely overboard.

Fortunately for James his job is very active which meant that it was easy for him to expend energy on the job.

You may not be so lucky, however if you’ve learned anything from reading this so far you’ll know that doesn’t mean that you just give up altogether.

For example, as James was working away it meant that he would often be away from his regular gym and, instead of using this as an excuse not to bother, he would actively look for a local gym in the area that he was working so he could get his sessions in.

You see the thing you need to understand about getting results is that it’s about doing what you can rather than focusing on what you can’t.

You may have the odds stacked against you, or circumstances that make it harder, but it’s no excuse to not try your best. What CAN you do TODAY to move you closer to your goals?

I’m super proud of what James has managed to achieve in our time together, it goes to show what is possible with a ‘can do’ attitude alongside the right guidance and support.

Here’s what James had to say: I had just got to the point where I was starting to get unhappy with my appearance, but now I feel on top of the world when I look in the mirror! My mindset on diet has changed. I have dropped 10kg of body fat whilst maintaining my muscle and strength, I feel quicker and more agile too which makes me feel great. Lewis has been fantastic during this process, he's a fountain of knowledge. Whenever I had any questions he provided bags of advice."

Could you take your results to the next level?

Imagine what you could achieve with the right guidance and support.

Get in touch today to join the LG Fitness team and remember that you have till the end of July to join my online coaching programme The 90 Day New You before the price increases.

Hit the link below to get started.

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