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How susana dropped over 5kg and built her self confidence!

Are you confused by the mixed messages that you see on social media about dieting and exercise? Do you feel like this is holding you back from making progress and achieving your full potential?

When Susana first came to me she felt really lost and confused with her current exercise and nutrition. "I felt ambushed by different diets. I felt unsure on what foods to eat and I'd find that I wasn't eating right which negatively affected my mood".

This is her story of how she turned that around to achieve the results you see below. She dropped over 5kg in just 12 weeks as well as improving her self confidence and self belief.

The first step for us in Susana's journey was to get her into an exercise routine that she enjoyed. She came to me already exercising in the gym but in her words she said: "I was doing workouts that were not helpful to what I wanted to accomplish". Susana works full time and also has 2 daughters so it was important that her routine fit in with her already busy lifestyle.

We decided that 3 sessions a week was an achievable goal to start with. 2 of those sessions would be in the morning with me after she'd dropped her daughter off at school and then the third session she would do by herself on the weekend. The majority of her sessions were weight training focused with an emphasis of getting stronger. As we progressed we started to add in some additional cardio at the end of her sessions to improve her health as well as increase her energy output.

As Susana's confidence grew we dropped down from doing 2 sessions together to the 1, with her doing 2 on her own. "I have confidence in my abilities as well as the knowledge of what I can do effectively".

During Susana's journey we also sat down to address her lifestyle and eating habits. This was one of the more challenging areas for Susana as she had felt ambushed by diets in the past and never felt sure on what things to eat.

We started by simply keeping a food diary of what she was eating each day, this gave us the awareness around her habits and behaviours around food and allowed us to make changes. We introduced foods that were higher in protein as well as more fruits, veg and starchy carbs like oats to keep her feeling full and satisfied.

We then started to track calories to ensure that she was consistently eating the right amount in order to lose body fat while still having a few treats here and there.

This was all very challenging at first but Susana's consistency and hard work paid off as she got better each and every day.

"I feel lighter, less sluggish and I can definitely see the difference in myself. Overall I feel much better about myself and I'm proud of what I've achieved. I've learned that with a bit of support you can get on the right track and reach your goals more clearly."

It's been a pleasure to coach Susana through this process and I'm super proud of what she has been able to achieve in such a short space of time, I'm looking forward to seeing what more she can achieve moving forward and I can't thank her enough for trusting me to help her reach her potential.

Do you think that with the right help, support and guidance you could achieve amazing results just like Susana?

If so, hit the button below to fill out a short coaching enquiry form and I'll be in touch to speak more about your goals and explain the coaching process.

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